Sam Marder
Backend Developer - Systems Administrator - Cellist



Hi, my name is Sam Marder and I'm a freshman studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Most of my experience with has been in backend development and testing with Java and Python I've also messed around with some other languages including Ruby, C++, Javascript, and MySQL. When I'm not busy with school work, I run a Linux email server and play the cello.

Most recently, I was fascinated by the POODLE vulnerability affecting SSLv3. Unable to find a utility that would comprehensively test a system for the presence of SSLv3, I made one myself. The end result was a nifty little Python script that checks a wide variety of common ports to see if they accept connections over SSLv3. It's available in my GitHub under the MIT License.

Previously, I also made a Twitter crawler. Using the Twitter Streaming API, I was able to create a feed of tweets coming out of different cities around the world. Then I tallied up all of the different hashtags I could find and displayed them in a simple JavaScript chart. Like all of my projects, it's still a work in progress.

After graduating, I plan on working at a major tech company or a startup in California. After I get a feel for both, I think I'll know which one I'll stick with. Then again, that's a few years down the road.

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sam at marder dot co